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LS Valve Covers - AN10 Breather Fittings Welded On

LS Valve Covers - AN10 Breather Fittings Welded On

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LS Valve Covers - AN10 Breather Fittings Welded On

Our newly launched product, these LS Valve Covers make the process of installing a Catch Can utilising AN Lines and fittings a breeze! 

Supplied is the following: 

- Pair of GM Valve Covers (no oil cap supplied, use your original)

- New bolts set including Rubber Grommet Gaskets

- New GM Valve cover gasket pair 

We start by having the factory restrictive Breather tubes removed from the covers, making way for the AN10 Weld on Bung Fittings. 

On the drivers side cover, the breather tube is removed, the original hole welded shut and a new hole drilled for better operation, following this the AN10 Bung is welded onto the cover. 

Take peace of mind in knowing both AN10 fittings are placed over the internal baffling to ensure no oil directly makes its way through the fitting into your Catch can.

Please note that slight modification is required to the drivers side coil pack bracket, however Coils do remain in the original position. It’s merely just removing part of the bracket to make way for the Fitting, a 2 minute job with a trusty grinder or other cutting apparatus. Upon purchase detailed instructions will be provided. 

We will also be selling these covers along with Catch Can kit, lines and fittings as a complete package! Stay tuned. 

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