LS Turbo Ute Build - VZ SS LS1

LS Turbo Ute Build - VZ SS LS1

Hey Guys,

Welcome to Impulse Performance Parts Website and our first Blog, focussing on our VZ SS LS1 Turbo Ute Build.

We actually have a few builds on the go but decided to focus on this one first due to the popularity of the LS Turbo Market.

In this Blog we will discuss the Build overall and our plans for the car power wise.

We plan to do some more detailed in depth Blogs focussing on items such as the Fuel System, Turbo Oil Feed/Drain setup & Boost Control.

First off a bit about the car...

A friend of ours found the Car (VZ SS Manual 5.7L Ute) on Marketplace approx 1 hour drive from us on the NSW Central Coast, in Newcastle. It was cheap enough considering the condition and as we all know during the Covid Lockdown the Market was hot so we jumped on it. A bit rough around the edges but it had a solid base and we could work with it. It was relatively stock apart from an exhaust system which is exactly what we were after.

To some it is common knowledge however the VZ 5.7L is the ideal LS1 for Boost, they all work however the VZ Engine had the better Gen 4 style rods which do tend to handle the boost better.

Our Plan was always to keep the build as simple as possible and keep to a strict budget, Hence our reasoning to utilise the 'Killaboost Manifolds' Entry Level VT-VZ Kit utilising the 'Your Miles' G42-1200 Turbo. What better way to explain and demonstrate these kits than to install and test it on one of our own vehicles.

Our power goal is to reach 500rwkw on e85 fuel which is achievable with this setup whilst enjoying the great response that the Killaboost Entry Level Kit provides, all whilst not opening the engine and retaining the majority of its factory parts.

Some will say how long will it really last with that kind of power? Many have made this power and more for extended periods of time on the trusty SBE LS1 and many still live to tell the tale.

Below is a small list of the main parts utilised on this car, all that are available to be purchased through us: 

  • Killaboost Manifolds Entry Level VT-VZ Kit G42-1200
  • Turbosmart FPR6 Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Turbosmart Eboost 2
  • Crow Cams VTKLS8 Valve Spring Kit
  • Crow Cams Trunion Bush Kit CRCLSBUSH
  • Walbro 535lph Pump
  • 1000cc Bosch Injectors
  • NPC 1000hp Clutch Kit
  • Impulse Performance Parts 200 Series Lines & Fittings 
  • Aeroflow Race Series Intercooler 600x300x100
  • Impulse Performance Parts Turbo Screen Guard 4" 102mm
  • Impulse Performance Parts Turbo Beanie
  • LS Valve Covers - AN10 Breather fittings welded on


In terms of builds, its quite a basic Turbo LS Build and should appeal to those wishing to have boost on a budget without killing the bank account.

The car is currently at this stage with a small list of items to setup/install before we get ready for the Dyno.


We hope to have the car on the Dyno within the next 2 weeks so stay tuned as we finish the small things left on our to do List.

Thanks for reading along and stay tuned for more content!

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