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Impulse Performance Parts

BA-FGX Catch Can Kit

BA-FGX Catch Can Kit

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BA-FGX Catch Can Kit 

This kit suits all falcons running the Barra Inline 6 Cylinder including BA,BF, FG & FGX, both Turbo and non Turbo. 

The kit includes the following: 

- 1 x Impulse Performance Parts Catch Can 

- 2 x Push In Rocker Cover Fittings, Both Male and Female to -8AN(Please note due to inconsistencies with the Barra Rocker Cover Castings, Push on Fittings may not simply push on, this is the same with all aftermarket push on Barra breather fittings, some modifications to rocker cover may be required) 

- 2 x Billet Hose Clamps 

- 2 x Black 45 Degree -8AN PTFE Fittings 

- 2x Black 90 Degree -8AN PTFE Fittings 

- -8AN Black PTFE Hose cut to length 

A Catch Can is an important component of a modified performance engine system. 

The purpose of the catch can is to ensure their is adequate ventilation for the crank case, especially in boosted applications. Filtering this air and ensuring it doesn’t re enter the engine via the intake system. 

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