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Impulse Performance Parts

Impulse PP S480 T4 87/82 1.10ar

Impulse PP S480 T4 87/82 1.10ar

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Impulse Performance Parts S480 T4 87/82 1.10ar Journal Bearing 

The S480 is a very commonly used turbo in LS Turbo applications and it’s any wonder why! 

Big enough to push some significant power levels whilst maintaining response.

Great in entry level setups for 5.7L, 6.0L and 6.2L

All of our entry level LS kits are supplied with this turbo unless requested otherwise! 


- 1150 engine HP rating

- 1.10ar Divided T4

- Compressor 80/117

- Turbine 87/82

- 4” S400 Flat V Band Rear Housing Outlet

- V Band Compressor Outlet


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