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Killaboost Manifolds

Killaboost Manifolds VT-VZ Catch Can/Coolant Resevoir Kit

Killaboost Manifolds VT-VZ Catch Can/Coolant Resevoir Kit

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Killaboost Manifolds VT-VZ Catch Can/Coolant Resevoir Kit

Kit comes as pictured

These Catch Can/Coolant Resevoir Kits suit VT-VZ Commodore, however VT-VY will require a changeover to a VZ Radiator to delete the Header Tank from the Inner Guard.

  • Large capacity for both the oil and coolant sides achieved by converting to a square tank over a round tank, height raised to gain more volume again
  • Sight tube added into the water side
  •  External oil drain line and fitting/mounting assembly for easy draining on the go by simply reaching under the car to do so
  • Both tanks have internal baffling fitted to create oil control and also prevent coolant sloshing out the breather
  •  Generous sized AN10 breathers in the oil side, the more that big old engine can vent it’s crankcase, the better your turbo system will work and will create better reliability overall
  • Coolant breather and oil side drain system is inclusive with the tank as pictured
These tanks fit into the VT-VZ range VIA plated mount to the cylinder head that works with factory heater hoses and battery position, factory AC ETC. Photos of the assembly fitted are in big red- one of our shop cars.
All Catch Can/Coolant Resevoir Kit's are supplied with detailed instructions for installation

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