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Killaboost Manifolds

Killaboost Manifolds VT-VZ Entry Level Turbo Kit

Killaboost Manifolds VT-VZ Entry Level Turbo Kit

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VT-VZ LS Turbo kit featuring KillaBoost Manifolds

This kit features Killaboost Entry Level Manifolds to suit VT-VZ. Basic modifications are required, can retain Powersteering and AC in factory position, note some light bending of AC lines required to achieve desired fitment

The kit consists of the following:

- KillaBoost Manifolds entry level log manifolds suit vt-vz including crossover pipe. Suits Factory Alternator and Power Steering Pump Positions, Suit Factory AC Lines. (Coated in Black Heat Proof Paint)
- Killaboost 3.5" dump pipe to suit. V banded at bell housing, includes port for AFR Input during tuning (Coated in Black Heat Proof Paint)
- Yourmiles G42-1200 DBB Turbo V band entry 1.01ar 
- Turbosmart 50mm wastegate TS-0554-1012
- Impulse Performance Parts Turbo beanie
- Killaboost Manifolds Catch can/coolant reservoir (Silver or Gloss Black depending on what is in stock) new and revised unit
- Killaboost Manifolds Oil feed and return kit

- Killaboost Manifolds Alternator Heatshield

$6800 plus freight. Limited availability. 

If item is marked out of stock, please contact us to order. 

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