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Walbro 460lph Fuel Pump F90000274

Walbro 460lph Fuel Pump F90000274

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Walbro 460 lph high pressure Unleaded & E85 in tank Fuel Pump.

Comes complete with installation kit including fuel pump, wire harness, and pickup filter. Genuine Walbro/TI Pump with hologram of authenticity.

The Walbro 460 high pressure fuel pump flows over 600hp and is ideal for high power boosted applications running E85/Ethanol.

Very Popular for twin surge tank kits or for mounting in the existing fuel cradle with some modifications to cradle required.


  • Flow rate: 415lph @ 13.5v (3 bar)
  • Max current draw: 22A (15A average)
  • Body Diameter: 39mm / 50mm
  • Length: 131mm
  • Fuel Outlet Diameter: 11mm OD (10.8 – 9.1mm)
  • Check Valve: Yes (Inbuilt)


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